Delivery status: IPZ Frankfurt

Hello there, friends!
It’s been 2 weeks after we shipped all the pre-orders and many of them already reached their destination. But… some of parcels (15 of them, approximately (regardless of “Premium” or “Economy”)) are “stuck” with status: “The shipment will be transported to the destination country/destination area and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization. “
This is happening with parcels shipped to US and some other countries, that are quite far away from Germany, where we are located.
We are fully aware of this, since we constantly check the delivery status of each end every shipment we made (yes, we care that much), but at this point we can do very little to nothing. DHL is asking to contactthem only if shipping is being delayed for more than 20 days.
In our personal experience that happens sometimes. We don’t know the real reason for that. We will contact DHL in few days if status won’t change.
We are not sure that it will affect the delivery speed in any way, but we will try anyway.
Altho it’s not our fault, please accept our appologies for this. Also we are kindly asking you for some more patience.

Regarding our experience we have some small list here with estimated delivery times (after shipping):
Germany: 2-3 days,
France: 5-8 days,
Italy: 5-8 days,
Denemark: 5-7 days,
Belgium: 3-7 days,
Spain: 6-10 days,
Portugal: 6-10 days,
Russian Federation: 7-12 days,
United Kingdom: 4-9 days (Please check your email, your local delivery organisation might contact you regarding customs fees and duties),
United States of America: 10-14 days (with some chance of getting the situation above).

We are planning to make some blog post this week with the setups of our customers. If you want us to post pictures of your setup(s), please send us some pictures to our email:
Some more posts are coming this week, we have some important and interesting topics regarding future to talk about.
Thank you everyone for reading this!
Ready to rock and roll!


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