Wheel rotation

Wheel rotation

Why you should rotate your wheels?

Wheel rotation evens out this wear pattern, thus saving you money by extending the active life of your wheels. Have a look at your wheels – chances are they are not as brand new as they used to be. Instead you start wearing them down – more on your stronger foot than the weaker one, more on the inside than the outside, and more towards the front if you’re a beginner or intermediate skater. Rotating your wheels also ensures acceptable behaviour from your skates – having badly worn wheels mounted can really affect your skating!

How frequently do you have to do this?

There’s no fixed rule for frequency, as it depends on a lot of factors, like the wheels you’re using, your weight, your skating style, the surface you’re skating on. Some people only need to work their wheels once a year, others needs to do so after every bigger flatland skating session or street skate. Keep it simple: each time you come back home from skating, have a look at your wheels. If they are worn and look asymmetrical then rotate them before you put your skates away. That way you’ll always have properly set up skates to grab when your run out of the house!

Wheel rotation method

You can get much more life out of your wheels (thus saving you money) if you use the technique described below. We suggest using the 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, (5-5) rotation. Swap wheels between frames without changing their position. Put the worn side of the wheels on the outside. This method is suggested for both 4 wheel and 5 wheel ROCKIN’ frames.

Inline skate wheel rotation
Suggested wheel rotation method for rockered frames

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