Frame Production Update #7: CNC process is done

We are happy to announce the next production update. We got contacted by our supplier today and they reported that CNC process is finished. All the ordered frames have been milled. So they all are ready for the next step: finish. Finish will include some processes as beadblasting (surface getting finished with pressured air and tiny glass beads) and also anodize. Basically, steps are left for ready to be rocked frames: 1) Finish 2) Laser engraving 3) Individual packaging 4) Shipping to us.

On our side, while we are waiting for finished frames, we are busy with assembling the packages for our frames. We are almost there already, so when the frames will reach us (should happen at the end of july, or hopefully even bit more sooner), we will have to unpack them, inspect them for any imperfections (“B Stock” will possibly appear on website) and actually pack them in their boxes. We will surely make some further posts with reports about ho it is going.

We are also very hyped and are waiting for frames with impatience. We would say, there are less than 30 days left untill we will ship them 🙂

Empty boxes waiting for frames

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