New 165mm model

Hello bladers and bladies!
It’s time to present our newest (and first 165mm mounting) model: ROCKIN’ MIX4 100/90.

Olive green
Back in Black
  • Having the 100mm wheels in back and front doesn’t affect the stance height because of 165mm boot design features;
  • Ideal for people who find 4×100 setups too high and 4×90 too short;
  • The stance height is just a tiny bit higher than a 4×90 setup would have;
  • 283mm wheelbase;
  • Due to minimal distance from the toes to the first wheel it provides maximum control for wheelings;
  • Bigger wheels in front and back allow for more comfortable and bump-free skating and higher maximal speed;
  • Due to its enhanced natural rocker the frame remains agile yet very stable;
  • It has 150 / 165 / 180 mm mounting options;
  • It comes in olive green and black;
  • Pre-Orders will start soon;
  • We are expecting to have the frames in stock by April 2022.

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