Production status and new frame model

Hello bladers!
We would like to share a bit of information about our upcoming new frame model.
We were thinking about making a frame that would be something in the middle of 5×80 (Rockin’ 580 model) and 5×90 (Rockin’ 590 model). First thing that comes to mind in these terms would be 5×84 frame. But we found it a bit too boring and decided to spice a thing a bit and make something unusual.
As we love to experiment, introducing our 90-80-90-80-90 frame here (working model name is 585 (85mm between each of 5 wheels, but this one can be changed):

Let’s talk about specs:
About stance height: Compared to 580 and 590 frames the 585 will have a 7mm lower stance than 590 and only 3mm higher stance than 580.
Length (Wheelbase): 344 (20mm shorter than 590 model (364mm))
What cons do we want to mention: Due to 90mm wheels this frame will have some more speed and rolling the rough surfaces will be smoother than on 580. Due to less height and length the frame itself will be quite a bit lighter than 590 and only slightly more heavy than 580. 2 smaller 80mm wheels also make the frame lighter than 590 is (wheels are pretty heavy and impact the setup weight the most).
Due to 90mm diameter the wheels should have a longer lifetime compared to 580 setup. This frame will have the same rocker formula as used on all of our 5 wheel frames so in terms of agility frame will represent something in the middle of 580 and 590 with all the specs mentioned above.
Frame will come in 2 colors: Back in Black and Orange (Btw, talking about rockin’, there is a cool company named Orange that is making a top tier electric guitar amplifiers).

As one can see on the picture provided, we also did change our adapter design from completely centered and round to “long” and offcentered one. We will talk about adapter a bit more detailed in our later posts.

As for production: Second production run is already going and new batch of frames should hit our store in december.
Our supplier did warn us that production can take a bit longer as planned due to supply chain problems, but we will hope for the best.

We would also like to say that we will be absent for almost 2 weeks from 03.11.2021 and until 14.11.2021. So the orders placed between these dates will only be shipped on 15.11.2021.
We wish you the very best.

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