Reviews and social media

After we got our production samples and inspected them, we sent them to some passionate skaters of our choice for review and their personal testing. Some of them already got the frames. Some are still waiting. Our frames will start appearing on youtube and other social media like Reddit, Facebook and Instagram. Some of videos might be placed on our website with permission of previously mentioned skaters.
Some videos are already there and you are welcome to see a bit more details:

We are very happy to send our Rockin’ 580 Frame to Ricardo Lino
We are also happy to see our Rockin’ 590 frame being skated by very talented skater Florian Peyron (Too Many Wheels).
This video is also available at Rockin’ 590 product page and is also seen on our homepage. Florian will release many more videos in future, so hit that Subscribe button to follow him on YouTube or Instagram (@tmwskate)

As soon as new videos will come out, we will make sure to post them here and also on corresponding product pages.

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