ROCKIN’: Upcoming changes

Hello, bladies and bladers!
Here are some changes that are coming to ROCKIN’.


We would like our products to stand out a bit more and make the rock and metal music theme more visible. In some ways, it already is in the frame colors, website design, #BlackMetalBearings and our ROCKIN’ Wheels with guitar chords printed on them.

Initially, we hoped that the minimalistic climate-neutral design would take off but it didn’t, so we have decided to go for an update. These demo pictures show approximately what our new packaging design will look like (starting with the next batch):

Now that our first year on the market is over we will not be putting confetti into the boxes anymore.

Another promotional item we have come up with is a silicone armband. These will be added to most orders and available for purchase in our online store as well.

A total of 9 color options will be available

Some of our customers have already seen the new Rockin’ Leaflet. It is Rock Festival-themed hence the play on the word Lineup.

Inside of the flyer / catalogue

New frame models

As you can see from the Lineup leaflet, we are about to launch several new frame models. The 165 mm version of ROCKIN’ 576 and ROCKIN’ 572 (UFS) are already in production and ROCKIN’ 490 (165mm) and ROCKIN’ 4100 (165mm) are yet to come.
Both new and old frame models should be in stock in November.
We are also planning on making a couple of new frame sticker designs. We have several ideas but have not chosen the ones we’ll go with yet.

Our sticker design has been changed, and 2 new designs that match our theme are in the works.

ROCKIN' 576 Frame
ROCKIN’ 576 (165mm)
ROCKIN' 4100 Frame
ROCKIN’ 4100 (165mm)
ROCKIN' 490 Frame
ROCKIN’ 490 (165mm)

Non-branding changes

The axles our frames are shipped with will be replaced with higher-quality ones and those will come pre-installed. Aluminum spacers will be added to the packaging as well.


Our team of skaters is now complete and the guys are doing their best skating the products they love and testing our prototypes and samples. As we want to promote our newest products, our brand and skating itself around the globe we have decided to appoint an ambassador for ROCKIN’ FRAMES.
His name is Ahmad (Instagram: @madwilz) and he is a very talented skater from Spain.

We are really hyped about this and hope you also enjoy the upcoming changes.
Stay tuned.

– Anastasia and Jevgeny

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