Rockin’ MIX5 90/80 Bundle (UFS)

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ROCKIN’MIX5 90/80 (UFS) Bundle:

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Rockin' MIX5 90/80 (UFS)

ROCKIN' MIX5 90/80 Frame

  • Mounting: UFS
  • Max wheel size: 3x90mm / 2x80mm
  • Wheelbase: 344mm
  • Art Rocker


Rockin' Wheels 90mm/85A

Rockin' Wheels 90mm/85A

  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Hardness: 85A
  • Profile: Bullet
Ready-to-roll price: 7,50  each incl. VAT

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Rockin' Wheels 80mm/85A

Rockin' Wheels 80mm/85A

  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Hardness: 85A
  • Profile: Bullet
Ready-to-roll price: 6,27  each incl. VAT

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Black Metal Bearings (Set of 20)

Black Metal Bearings (Set of 20)

  • 20 premium bearings
  • 10 aluminum spacers
  • Type: 608 RS
  • Precision grade: ABEC 9
Ready-to-roll price: 53,55  incl. VAT

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About ROCKIN’ MIX5 90/80 (UFS) Bundle:

Something for those who love experimenting and being the first to discover new exciting things: our MIX5 90/80 frames have three 90mm wheels and two 80mm ones. The mix allows for a shorter frame which gives better control and safety without sacrificing speed, while the five-wheel setup gives you the agility and extra balance needed for advanced skating.

Bundled with our 80 and 90mm wheels and our Black Metal bearings which both have been tested on our frames the skater is guaranteed to have the best skating experience one could get. The bullet profile of the wheels provides enhanced mobility while maintaining stability. We may have found the sweet spot for grip, where a skater can fully rely on the wheels when grip is needed but can also perform controlled slides.
The wide rubber shields of our stylish Black Metal bearings provide maximum protection of the high precision bearings from dust and dirt, so those bearings will keep rolling as they should without maintaining them too frequently. The bearings are serviceable so this makes them sustainable.
And the final chord: our high precision 10.2mm aluminum spacers will make sure the bearings sit perfectly in the wheel hub and you can enjoy a wobble-free ride.

The colours in the pictures may differ slightly from those of the actual product.


ROCKIN’ MIX5 90/80 (UFS) Features:

    • Mounting: UFS*
    • Max wheel size: 3x90mm + 2x80mm (90-80-90-80-90)
    • Wheelbase: 344mm
    • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
    • Finish: Anodize or Powder
    • Rocker: Art rocker
    • Color options: Goldfish Orange / Charcoal Black / DELUXE Grey
    • Weight**: 470g

* Can be mounted on 165mm mount skates using our adapters
** 1 Single frame without axles and adapter

WARNING! Mounting bolts we provide for our adapters  have the M6 and M8 thread. These bolts fit almost every 165mm skate on the market. However, bolts that are needed for 165mm SEBA and FR skates (5/16″ thread bolts) are not included.


Recommended skate size:

  • Skate size 290-310mm



  • Diameter: 80mm / 90mm
  • Hardness: 85A
  • Profile: Elliptic (Bullet)
  • Core: 6-Star
  • Width: 24mm


ROCKIN’ Black Metal bearing features:

    • Type: 608 RS
    • Precision grade: ABEC 9
    • Number of balls: 7
    • Ball cage: Nylon
    • Ball material: Steel
    • Shield: Wide / Rubber
    • Serviceable: Yes
    • Lube: Pre-lubed / Oil
    • Spacers: Anodized aluminum
    • Spacer width: 10.2mm
    • Spacer type: UFO


Bundle contents:

    • 1 pair of ROCKIN’ MIX5 90/80 (UFS) Frames
    • 10 aluminum axles
    • 2 UFS to 165mm adapters
    • 4 UFS mounting bolts
    • 2 M6 Mounting bolts for adapters
    • 2 M8 Mounting bolts for adapters
    • 20 ROCKIN’ Bearings
    • 10 UFO type aluminum spacers
    • 6 ROCKIN’ Wheels 90mm/85A
    • 4 ROCKIN’ Wheels 80mm/85A
    • 4mm allen tool



  • The bundle will be shipped as soon as all of the bundle items are in stock,
  • The bundle is bought as a single unit,
  • In the event of a return all the items of the bundle should be returned in order for you to get a refund,
  • We don’t accept returns of separate bundle items.

Additional information

Rockin' MIX5 90/80 (UFS)

Weight 1,45 kg
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 cm
Frame Color

Charcoal Black, DELUXE Grey, Goldfish Orange

Rockin' Wheels 90mm/85A

Weight 0,085 kg
Dimensions 2,4 × 9 × 9 cm

Rockin' Wheels 80mm/85A

Weight 0,07 kg
Dimensions 2,4 × 8 × 8 cm

Black Metal Bearings (Set of 20)

Weight 0,23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8,5 × 2,5 cm

Set of 16, Set of 20


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