Black friday sale and production update

Hello, bladers!
We are back from trip and already started prepairing ourselves for packaging the frames from second run. Second run frames will get to us in few weeks in december.
Our production partner did share some pictures of newly made frames with us:

So far 2 out of 5 ordered models are ready (only laser engraving is missing).
The purple ones is already known ROCKIN’ 580 model and the orange ones is our new model that we were talking about in our previous post.
Working name were “ROCKIN’ 585” but we decided to change the name of this model to ROCKIN’MIX5 90/80.
Yes, as the new model is a mixed setup of 90mm and 80mm wheels, we decided to give it a sub-class called “MIX”.
The upcoming MIX5 90/80 model will need 3×90 and 2x80mm wheels on each of frames and the wheel placement will look like this: 90-80-90-80-90. We talked about cons and pros of this frame in our previous post. Please re-read it if it somehow went unnoticed: New Frame Model.

As for black friday sale:
Our sale will start on 20.11.2021 and will continue untill 30.11.2021.
All the wares in stock will be affected:
A Stock wares will be sold with 25% off and B Stock wares will come with 30% off.
In other words:
A Stock = 180EUR only 135EUR
B Stock = 170EUR only 119EUR
We also did lower the shipping prices (and it will remain this way).
We would like to remind, that B Stock means that there are some minor visual / cosmetic imperfections that don’t affect the performance of frames. It could be scratches, small dents or coloring of the frame might be a bit off from how it should be.
Don’t miss your chance!
Keep rockin’!

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