Second Run: Frames are there!

Hello bladies and bladers!
We are happy to announce that we received the second production run already and right now we are inspecting the frames and packing them into boxes.
This time we didn’t order the 590 and 4110 models, these will be re-ordered with next production run (we have no idea when the order for 3rd production run will be placed) so please be aware of it (not so many of them are left in our stock, so if you were eyeing one of those, go grab some before it’s gone).
Next quite important thing is the MIX5 90/80 model. We already talked about it previously, but anyway:
We wanted to experiment and we came up with this unusual setup. As this is something completely new and we are almost certain, that there aren’t any alikes on the market, we kinda thought that people would like to test something like that.
This frame has number of pros and not so many cons. Well, read more in our previous post HERE.
We will update the product page with more detailed information very soon.

So, basically the 490, 4100, 576, 580 Rockin’ frames will be back in stock in few days.
Some minor changes that apply to our frames and packaging in general:

  • Frames will come packed in white cardboard boxes instead of brown ones
  • All the frames regardless of their color will come with “silver” steel axles + blue threadlock.
  • UFS mounting slot design has changed from round one to a slot to avoid mounting problems with boots of some brands.
  • We changed the design of adapter so it will have bigger adapter-to-frame and adapter-to-boot contact area which will increase the power transfer for ones who are skating our frames mounted on 165mm boots.
    (Has to be mentioned that our first generation adapters were more universal and could be used on variety of ufs frames, second generation however is mostly designed for Rockin’ Frames only and may not be compatible with other frame brands).

To the next quite big and important thing related to second run:
We are proud to present Rockin’ Frames: DELUXE Edition.
We wanted to make something special for our customers and give them the experience of skating a luxury product.
After analysing a market and people’s preferences we came up with some conclusions and solutions.
1) The DELUXE edition frames had been forged CNCed in dwarven forge using a metal alloy that isn’t known to human race yet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy;
2) Frames are covered with 10000 years old porcelain powder coated (glossy) which makes them more resistant to scratches than the anodize and embedded with 10 carat diamonds;
The design and branding on the frame remains minimalistic and is laser engraved;
3) We decided to use a grey coloring for this edition so these will be recognizable among regular frames;
4) For the ones who haven’t yet heard about Rockin’ Frames it still will be clear that you are riding something special;
5) These frames are also meant specially for ones who want to support what we do (a bit more than the others);
6) Also to mention that these frames are being held in a room where best of metal and rock music plays day and night programming the frames to rock on molecular level in normal room, they still do rock on molecular level, tho;
7) DELUXE edition frames will be produced in small quantities from time to time.
The DELUXE Edition frames will come at still friendly but higher price.

All the frames inc DELUXE Edition will appear in stock somewhere between friday and saturday 17.12.-18.12.2021.
During the stock update website will be put on maintenance for few hours. We are also working on updating the product pages due to DELUXE Edition update so the website might be unavailable from time to time.
As we are also very busy with packaging, orders might need few days to be processed and we might not respond to emails as quickly as we usually do.

Another very serious topic:
Due to German laws: Businesses that make less than certain sales volumes are considered a small businesses and must not collect VAT (Value Added Tax, which is 19% for Germany) from customers in present year.
If that certain limit is reached, company must collect VAT from customers starting with next year.
So, in 2021 the ones who bought our frames got the invoices with text: VAT is not collected for small businesses.
Thing is, we did cross that limit so we will have to obey the laws and start collecting VAT from our customers.
This means that price for our frames will become 180 + 19% = 214EUR. That’s 34EUR more.
For our DELUXE Edition frames it will be even more dramatic.
Regarding this our website will be closed for maintenance at 31.12.2021 and maintenance will last untill we will re-setup all the taxation.
Please mind that and if you plan to get our frames, best time to do it is in 2021.

Update with all the pictures is also upcoming. That being said, I go back to work.
You rock!

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