MIX4 100/90 Pre-Orders have been shipped

Hello bladies and bladers!
The pre-ordered MIX4 100/90 frames have been shipped and now are on their way to their new homes.
As the production had been delayed for quite a bit (our apologies for that), the pre-ordered frames had to be shipped to us via Express Delivery so our customers wouldn’t have to wait even longer (pre-orders started in February). We really hope these frames reach their owners quickly and that the wait will have been worth it 🙂

Some skaters have already received their frames (Picture from Instagram (@koneckilukasz)):

Some skaters have already received their frames (Picture from Instagram)

A number of frames has been shipped for review to several prominent skaters so keep an eye out for reviews and independent opinions on youtube and instagram.
We only have one pair of MIX4 100/90 (Back in Black) frames left in stock and ready to be shipped.

Along with the pre-ordered frames we have received several prototypes for testing. This includes the prototypes of H-Blocks that can be used on any of our 5-wheeled frames. The H-Blocks are a project that we have been working on for the last 6-7 months and we are happy to finally be able to touch and test the real thing. H-Block prototypes were designed by Justin from Thursday Skate Design.

You can customize any of your Rockin’ frames with our Frame Stickers

We also have the MIX4 110/100 prototype to test. Our team members and Jevgeny personally will be skating them for a period of time to find out if they really rock and if we actually want to mass produce them. Plus, there are other interesting projects in progress, so stay tuned.

Have a nice weekend. Remember – You rock!
– Jevgeny and Anastasia

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