Rockin’ Wheels and Black Metal Bearings

Rockin Wheels 76mm

Hello fellow bladies and bladers!
We are happy to announce that the production of our wheels is complete.

All the 4 wheels sizes (for now)

Wheel specs

All the wheels come in a black – white design and 85A wheel hardness. We have tested different hardness grades and wheel cores extensively. The combination we have chosen has proven to be the best one and we are very impressed by it.

Profile: 100mm, 90mm and 80mm wheels have the bullet profile and 76mm wheels have the round profile.
Wheels are made from highest grade raw materials exported from Germany. High rebound in combo with quality will make sure the skater will get the best skating experience in terms of freeskating.

76mm wheels with “round” profile
We will have quite a bunch of them…

Rockin’ Bearings

Another element that is important for inline skating is, of course, bearings. As we were designing our own we decided to show our appreciation for metal music. The name Black Metal is pretty much self-explanatory. The bearing are made out of metal, and they are black.


Black Metal Bearings

  • Type: 608 RS
  • Precision grade: ABEC 9
  • Number of balls: 7
  • Ball cage: Nylon
  • Ball material: Steel
  • Shield: Wide / Rubber
  • Serviceable: Yes
  • Lube: Pre-lubed / Oil
UV printed metal box
Premium bearings and spacers
Premium bearings and spacers
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  • High precision
  • Anodized aluminum
  • 10.2mm width

Wheels and bearings: Availability

The wheels and bearings will be available for purchase in early July (as long as there are no delivery delays). Both are about to be shipped to us and once they are, they should reach us within 20 to 26 business days. This is a big achievement for us and we would like to celebrate it, so next week we are making the wheels and bearings available for pre-order (discounts are coming). There is another important update coming regarding ready to roll frame sets, so please stay tuned.

You will find more information on our wheels and bearings in their respective product descriptions.

Have a nice week and keep rockin!
– Jevgeny and Anastasia

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