Vacation and further plans

Hello bladies and genleman!

We would like to announce, that from 23th September 2021 until 2nd October 2021 we are on vacation.
This means: All the orders placed between 23.09.2021 and 02.10.2021 will be shipped only after 03.10.2021!
We are going to Mallorca (Spain), so if you are there in this time period, feel free to contact us. We could meet for a skate. We will take all six frame models with us, so all the 6 models can be tested on Mallorca.

Further plans:
1) We are already prepairing ourselves to place an order for second production run;
2) We are working on H-Blocks for our 576 and 580 frames, so aggressive skaters can enjoy our frames while grinding;
3) We are working on T-Shirt designs, so everyone who wants to support what we do could buy our merch;
4) Also, we are working on a new model…

We also have some other plans and we might want to create few surveys to hear your opinions. Please follow our blog.

We hope that those who already got their frames are rocking the hell out of them and the ones who are still waiting for them will get them very soon.
Have a nice weekend and nice skating!

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